Timber Fencing Auckland

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In case you are one of the lucky ones who can actually afford to purchase a new house and its own property, then we congratulate you. Also, we need to remind you that investing in a none-finished house is a much cheaper and better option because then, you will have a chance to change things according to your taste. So, one of the things that we can offer and that can be of great importance is – fencing services.

Timber Fencing Auckland allows you to have a firm and high-quality fence of any type. Why do we say that fence has a type, and aren’t all fences in the end almost the same? Well, depending on the size of the property and the so-called nature of the property, we can share with you different models of fences made of different materials.

Timber Fencing Auckland

While we mostly operate with timber fencing, we can also include some custom-made parts of the fence that will make it more unique. For instance, people love to have a fence made of hardwood that completely closes the property, however, they like to add special fence doors made of some other material. If you only want to set boundaries between two yards, then we can offer special short fences that work like compartment dividers.

Timber Fencing Auckland also offers pool fencing and garden fencing, and also offers fence repairs. If you decide to get a fence from this company, then you will get a lifelong warranty that you can use at any time! Of course, in case of intentional physical damage, you will have to compensate for the material.