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If you have taken anti-cancer drugs and it has not helped you, you can sue certain medical workers for abuse of the workplace, giving bad therapy. Many people of Zantac contamination seek compensation for the drug produced by Zantac and its generic forms.

People who have taken this medicine without a prescription or with a prescription can visit the Barrow Law Firm and sue the manufacturers of Zantac. Many of them used this medicine and developed cancer in their cells. This disease is not easy and can be very painful. You can sue manufacturers who have put on the market a drug that has carcinogens in it.

Barrow Law Firm

You can get cash compensation if you have taken this medicine, consumed Zantac, and some of its generic forms. It is important to contact a lawyer as soon as you are diagnosed with cancer, and if you suspect that it is a consequence of taking Zantac. Zantac is a trademark of a drug called rinitidin. It is sold on the market without a prescription. Drugs are sold to regulate the stomach and to reduce stomach acid. It contains NDMA found in water and vegetables. It can be used in small quantities. If you have been diagnosed with any cancer and have taken Zantac, contact your lawyer immediately.

It can cause cancer in multiple organs, not just for gastritis. If you happen to be positive and have taken the drug, Barrow Law Firm will do all the work, get you monetary compensation, and get the trial over as soon as possible. Don’t keep quiet, this is a serious disease, and people die from it every day.